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Here at Compare Pet Insurance we can get your search for equine cover off to a gallop, thanks to our fast, accurate and user-friendly results feed that shows you up-to-date information about all the best offers and policies from horse insurance providers.  You will want to have quality cover in place from a reputable provider; there are some affordable and comprehensive options available, and these can cover a range of activities such as hacking, polo and show jumping.  The best way to find the equine insurance policy that suits your needs is to use Compare Pet Insurance for a detailed and quick horse insurance comparison.

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Petplan - Horse Insurance

Horse Insurance

Petplan Horse Insurance covers death and loss by theft or straying, with the choice to have up to £5,000 vet fees, as well as £1 million third party liability, permanent loss of use cover and multiple other optional extras..
Horse £5,000 £0 £3Million £300

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When searching for equine insurance, you will want to have all the relevant information displayed clearly in a simple, user-friendly format.  Here at Compare Pet Insurance we work to provide the most clear, concise and effective solution for pet insurance and equine insurance comparison.  There are a lot of providers offering niche insurance, so it is much easier to use one website that is impartial and honest.  We give you all the details you need regarding equine insurance policies from different providers so that you can make an accurate, confident and informed decision about your choice of cover.  When you choose equine insurance, you can expect the option for vet fees cover in case of illness or injury, as well as a form of personal accident and liability cover.  You will want to check out the level of cover for theft and straying, and the different providers may give you a choice of additional extras which will help to tailor the policy to your needs.  Check out the latest offers and policy details with Compare Pet Insurance, the home of quick, clear, concise and comprehensive pet and equine insurance comparison.

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