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What’s up, doc?  If your rabbit needs something more healing than a carrot then you don’t have to break the bank to keep your fluffy friend fighting fit.  Many pet insurance providers will offer a comprehensive policy for rabbits, and you can find the right cover for your cute, cuddly bunny through simple, effective rabbit insurance comparison with Compare Pet Insurance.  Different policies will include different extras, but you can expect cover for vet bills, boarding and advertising or reward.  These are key things that rabbit owners will need as part of their rabbit insurance.

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Petplan - Rabbit Insurance

Rabbit Insurance

Get a 10% discount off the first year premium with Petplan Rabbit Insurance. Petplan Rabbit Insurance can be either time-limited or lifetime, with £2,000 per year for vet fees, along with £750 complementary treatment, advertising, reward and boarding fees.
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Rabbit insurance is there to give bunny lovers the valuable peace of mind they need to be confident about their animal’s well-being.  In the event of accident or injury, rabbit insurance will provide the necessary cover, and it is an affordable alternative to the huge vet bill.  Rabbit insurance providers will look to offer a policy that gives you great options for cover; a fixed amount for vet fees will be included, as well as another fixed amount that can go towards advertising or a reward in the event of theft of straying, and emergency boarding is often covered too.  Your rabbit is a beloved and cherished member of the family, and as such you will want to be sure that the right care is in place in case something unfortunate happens.  Compare Pet Insurance only uses tried and trusted insurers so that you know whichever policy you choose, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of care plan.  You can find the best bunny care at an affordable price when you check out rabbit insurance comparison with Compare Pet Insurance.

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